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So you've got the engagement ring and have hired a wedding planner to help you with the most important day of your life. The first question the wedding planner asks you is what type of wedding do you want? Do you want to be conventional and honor tradition? Do you want a unique, out of the box wedding? How about a ceremony and reception that honors both you and your fiance's culture and roots? Is there a particular theme you want to follow? There are many wedding types that you can choose from. Wedding types can be an expression of the couple's personality, from  Humorus to Bikers to the Most Romantic.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Weddings are very special... the hours, weeks, months and sometimes years

of preparation ensures it will run smoothly and will undoubtedly be the

most memorable day of the bride and grooms life...

As you start thinking about planning your big day, We promise you that you

will look back at the day that you got engaged as one of the best days of

your life. So why not make the day that you and your beloved tie the knot

even more amazing?

Why don't you really have some fun with it - make it memorable, fabulous, glamorous, exhilarating, hilarious, unforgettable, sophisticated, exciting, phenomenal... Unique?....................Why not make it one in a million!

If you are after a charming Wedding that people will talk about for years, then all it takes is a little imagination, a tiny dash of bravery, a massive slurp of fun and Pishon River Ministries!

We love Weddings... and we love being Married! ......................25 years!

Be inspired by the choices you have of food, venue, flowers, outfits, special vows... and of course those special surprises that make everyone gasp in delight.

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Every girl dreams about her wedding day and she wants it to be perfect. But when marriage is transformed into a reality, the planning of the Wedding can involve so much stress that it can ruin its ideal image.

We don't only plan big weddings, but also, small or medium-sized wedding’s.

Some wedding professional services can be quite expensive, but the event is very important and it is best for a couple not to be so stressed out because of it. It can make them regret they started the entire thing. Usually the planners' fees are worth the money.

One great advantage in hiring a Wedding Planner is he/she has good connections with the local services used for a Wedding, from Churches and Reception halls, to Caterers and Limo Service. Wedding planners usually have special deals with these companys and they can provide a discount for the respective services.

Pishon River Ministries Wedding Planning will work with you to understand your personal style, and add those special touches to your occasion that will make your Wedding and Party stand out in the memories of all those in attendance for years to come.

Your Wedding and Party will be uniquely yours, while you enjoy the peace of mind that you and your guests will be able to enjoy every moment without a care.

Please contact Pishon River Ministries at: HolySpiritSentMe@msn.com

A few Wedding Customs & Traditions:

Wedding traditions have long-held great significance to the bride and the groom. Many recognize the need for tradition, value and strong beliefs. Many couples include the basic customs into their ceremonies, while others practice the full extent. Depending on religion and beliefs, many traditions are the normal part of the ceremony and the celebration. The celebration is just as important in its significance. Many have specific origins and historical value, while some traditions are virtually practiced and shared without truly knowing where they originated from............take your time and read on.......

Lifting the Veil was a biblical practice which ensured the groom that he was getting the person he "bargained" for. Before the final words were spent, the veil would be lifted first.

The white wedding dress grew from the popularity which Queen Victoria projected to the public. Most brides before then simply wore their finest costume. White was mainly reserved for the royals, who did not mind if their dress became soiled.

Another version of the wedding veil included the tradition of covering the bride’s face until the groom committed himself to her at the wedding so that he would not run off. Others believed that the veil was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits.

Wearing the Wedding Ring on Third Finger symbolizes marriage as being closet to the heart. The Egyptians believed that a vein ran directly from the third finger to the heart. Also, it signifies the holy trinity '...in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost'.

It is believed that throwing the garter first began in France. It is thought that the bride’s attire is lucky and that guests should tear a piece of the bride’s clothing off in order to receive good luck. Perhaps the bride started throwing the garter in her own personal self defense.

Bride/couple cutting first slice of cake

This tradition of the bride and groom cutting the first slice of cake is of Victorian origin. It was considered bad luck if the bride did not cut the first piece for her groom.

The ring has been a symbol of marriage since the Egyptian era. The circular shape represents an unending love. Some cultures took it as a symbol of ownership by the groom, for it was his token given to the bride to show that he owned her. Commitment to the marriage is its basis.

The English still maintain that it is considered bad luck if the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

Shoes and weddings had a special meaning together. Some still tie shoes to the bumper of the newly wedded couple. Some believe that the tradition first began as the result of the bride’s father throwing his shoe in anger when his daughter was captured and escaping with the groom to be married. Another thought is that shoes symbolize fertility.

In Roman law, the wedding was to consist of ten witnesses in the presence of the officials in order to prevent the evil spirits from causing mischief and disharmony. The bridesmaids and ushers all dressed in identical clothing to the bride and groom so that the evil spirits would not know who was getting married.

Why does the bride stands on the left and the groom on the right during the ceremony? The origin of this goes back to the days when a groom would capture his bride by kidnapping her. If the groom had to fight off other men who also wanted her as their bride, he would hold his bride-to-be with his left hand allowing his right hand to be free to use his sword.